Zubed platforms let you map all the locations at which you do business and view at-a-glance their key performance indicators (KPIs). With drill-down, search and analysis tools, you can quickly identify underlying issues and intervene.

Explore the demographics of your existing customers or members and analyse your business with them.

Let your staff, or the public, send you time-stamped reports by simply clicking their location on a map. Whether these people are reporting graffiti or civil unrest abroad, their reports will be received directly into your private database, mapped against the specific location and disseminated as needed.

Take control of your recruitment activities. Manage a database of all of your CVs (resumes) relating to historic applicants and existing staff. Manage a database of pre-qualified contractors to rapidly fulfil professional services contracts. Implement a full eRecruitment and talent management system.

It is a relatively simple task to download RSS feeds that are relevant to you or your business. It is just as easy to create, via a search engine, location specific RSS alerts.

Our toolset includes a wide range of search modules, ranging from category search to state-of-the-art semantic, human-language, interpretation and the federated searching of live web site content.

Layer multiple data types onto a map, or on side-by-side map views, to analyse demographic data, historical sales and other key decision factors. With a customisable, user interface, Zubed’s applications allow you to quickly identify trends and opportunities in your market.

Flexible, intuitive, interface puts all your key information at your fingertips

Customisable mapping layers allow easy interpretation of information

Web-hosted access at any location at any time

Turnkey bespoke solutions to meet your particular requirements

True Web-GIS for greatly reduced costs

Data extraction tools allow for deeper analysis of selected data