Use our intuitive online maps when you need
to share structured information about geographic
areas. Whether it is counties, neighbourhoods,
sales regions, or any type of geographically-based
area, the Present platform will allow you to superimpose customisable colour-coded results on to the map, along with your own points of interest. Flexible search and filter tools, accompanied by customisable reporting, charting and export facilities, combine to offer a powerful self-service information tool.

    Present by Zubed highlights:

  • Display statistical data using your own colour-coding scheme to depict values, results and Key Performance Indicators on each region of your map.
  • Include point-based information such as schools, incidents, resources to add context to your data.
  • Generate graphs, charts and tables automatically saving time and improving delivery through this accessible web-based platform.
  • Guide your users by creating context-specific notes for any region on the map, or as metadata for any of your categories and themes, including links to other resources
  • Export your data and statistics for sharing with others and inclusion in other analytical packages.
  • Refresh your data quickly and safely using simple file upload routines.

...easy-to-use online mapping and self-service reports...

Richard Solly, Community Safety Manager, SaferMK