Safer Streets - Beta

"The Home Office's Safer Streets website uses Zubed's field reporting capability, allowing the public to tell local council and police teams where they feel safe or unsafe, and providing access local safety information."

SaferMK Community Safety Mapping

The SaferMK Community Safety Mapping site provides comprehensive crime and anti-social behaviour data for every estate, town or village in the Milton Keynes borough.

Retail Analyser

"Combining competitor locations with multiple layers of demographic and market intelligence allows retailers to immediately assess new site opportunities.�


We want to help more people get back to work by making it easy for job seekers to find local jobs and for employers to post their jobs.

Poverty Conflict Analyser

"Superimposing NGO sites and refugee camps onto key demographic data such as population or infant mortality provides a vital planning tool.�


�Building global disease statistics into a web-based map enables staff and partners to obtain key statistics and reports as and when they need them.�

Motorway Management

�Instant access to motorway incident data makes for accessible information and interactive reporting.�

School Catchment Areas

"Schools can edit their own catchment areas, feeding an easy-to-use lookup site for users to find which catchments they fall into."

Thermal Mapping

�Individual properties are colour coded to reflect the results of thermal flyover photography and associated with information for grants and targets.�

Staff Management

�A map-based database of staff, partners and contractors, with their skills and rates, makes it simple to find the right person for a job at the best price.�

Election Planner

�Making available all known intelligence on individual voting intent, mailing lists can be immediately generated wherever needed.�

Sales Prospecting

�Using Zubed's extensive database of UK businesses, sales staff can rapidly find new business opportunities.�

Insurance Risk Assessment

�Being able to drill through databases of flood, storm and historical claim data at property level allows for better informed risk assessment.�

Field Reporting

�A global NGO can quickly feedback images and reports from anywhere in the world by simply clicking on a map.�

Retail Intelligence

�All authorised staff can access intelligence on their location of interest, including sites of competitor stores, planning applications and other points of interest.�