Location Intelligence is the application of geographic mapping to data, to dramatically improve the accessibility and interpretation of that data, enabling more effective planning and decision making.

Whether market intelligence, social demographics or sales data, location intelligence will enable any interested party to immediately identify patterns and apply these to their business decisions.

Given effective and flexible tools, together with an intuitive user interface, application need not be limited to trained operatives but to any member of staff, customer, partner or member of the public.

Zubed Geospatial has developed a modular family of advanced location intelligence, communication and search tools that can be integrated to create fully customised solutions relevant to getting the most from your data. The powerful front-end that these web-GIS solutions put on your database, business intelligence or CRM system, is invaluable in making your data work for you.
Global mapping and satellite imagery
Absolute and comparative heatmapping Dynamic, continuous hotspot mapping Customisable map markers
Graphing tools for analysis of extracted data

Intuitive, on-screen controls
Range of filter controls
Point and click data selectionCustomisable user interface

Full Boolean free data search
Drop-down selectors for structured data search
Semantic interpretation of unstructured text
Federated searching of live web sourced data

Built-in secure messaging
Click-a-map field/public reporting
Mapping of news from semantically analysed RSS feeds