For centuries people have used maps to
direct people to places of interest. Today, the
map remains one of the most intuitive ways in
which to convey information about places. So
what better than an online interactive map to let people know what's going on, and to enable them to tell you about their ideas, concerns and interests.

    Engage by Zubed highlights:

  • Mapping points of interest using categories and pins with rich-media balloons that you define, with facilities to decide which categories are on view. Signpost activities, resources, sites, initiatives and any information of local interest.
  • End-user updates crowd-source your data by allowing users to upload information, ideas, reports, concerns directly through the map, complete with definable reporting categories and a content moderation workflow.
  • Automatically forward reports to designated recipients to encourage prompt action and to include in external systems such as CRM.
  • Simple administration with secure role-based access allows for the moderation of user reports and the uploading of new information points at any time.
  • Access across the Internet or intranet easy to reach systems whether you are office-based, a worker on the move, or a member of the public.

...very cost effective means to engage with the community...

John Spitzer, Community Safety Manager, Mid Suffolk District Council