Location Intelligence

Use our Discover platform where you have a
need to publish data to users who want to
explore and interrogate their data beyond the
boundaries of pre-defined areas. Using
customisable pins for multiple datasets, and sophisticated heat-mapping for complex sources such as population or flood risk areas, you can apply powerful search and filters to the data, and extract the results, to reveal new insights.

    Discover by Zubed - highlights

  • Sophisticated visualisation through contour heat-mapping (also known as Kernel Density Estimation) and patch heat-mapping.
  • Build location context by publishing multiple categories of data for inclusion in map-based and tabular analysis with powerful search and filter capability built-in.
  • Generate immediate management information and statistics by highlighting a particular area of interest.
  • Refresh your data quickly and safely using simple file upload routines.

Zubed has revolutionised the way we work

Neil Harrington, Finance Director of Mothercare Group