Mid Suffolk District Council

"Zubed "Big Society" Delivers 24/7 Community Consultation"

The Zubed system provides an easy to use and understand platform and offers big returns in the area of community consultation. It is in line with the ethos of "Big Society" and is a very cost effective means to engage with the community. It is not planned to replace face to face consultation events but will provide information to more specifically target these live events while doing away with meeting for meetings sake.

Acknowledgment - this article was taken from the November 2010 edition of Network News, the official publication of the National Community Safety Network.

John Spitzer, Community Safety Manager, Mid Suffolk District Council

Conservative Party

"David Cameron Champions Location-Based Search Engine for Jobs"

David Cameron commented: "The Conservative Party is very happy to champion this innovative use of Location Intelligence, and believes that it could make a real difference right now to many businesses and job seekers. Zubed has shown that by combining innovative mapping and search technologies anything can be achieved and that if businesses and the public work together we really can make a difference to the future of the country."

David Cameron Prime Minister


Zubed's online retail analyser has introduced a new phrase into Mothercare's vocabulary "Have you Zubed it?"

Our ability to identify the best locations for store expansion is critical to our financial success as a retailer, finding those needles in the UK haystack that meet what we know to be our optimum demographic geography.

"In the current economic climate, though faced with a daunting range of opportunities, the consequences of making a wrong decision, or not making the right decision fast enough, are far reaching. Zubed has revolutionised the way we work; for the first time, our staff can economically assess the viability of each and every prospective store location without reference to expensive and time-consuming surveys, consultation or analysis."

"Using Zubed's online mapping application, we need simply draw around the area we're interested in to view heatmaps of key demographic indicators, overlays of our existing stores and those of our competitors, as well as to automatically calculate statistics for that area, that are critical to our decision process. It takes literally seconds. Whenever a new location is considered, the first question we now ask is: ';Have you Zubed it?'".

Neil Harrington Group Finance Director, Mothercare Plc.

Safer MK

"The Zubed system will uniquely provide us with a means of both increasing community awareness through easy-to-use online mapping and selfservice reports...

..., as well as giving us a new tool to rapidly identify patterns and trends ourselves without reliance on specialist analysts. Being web-based, our staff are now able to interrogate historical incident data in real-time."

Richard Solly Community Safety Manager SAFERMK