With its integrated document library Triad’s online map-based information system offers a true one-stop-shop for statistics, documents and resources

Milton Keynes, UK, 9 March 2012 - Triad Consulting & Solutions, today launched the document management version of its online map-based information system, Zubed Present. Documents and links to information resources can be very simply integrated with datasets, making them immediately accessible to users without needing to search several locations. Plymouth City Council is the first customer to extend their Present platform, Plymouth Informed , with this new functionality.

“This significant extension to the Present platform makes it the ideal tool for presenting geographical point and statistical data and reports across an intranet or the Internet”, said Adrian Leer, Commercial Director, Triad Consulting & Solutions. “Public and private sector organisations can now provide their staff or the public with a very easy to use online data repository, that lets them uniquely combine multiple datasets onto a large interactive map, exporting and extracting any related data and reports.”

Multiple data administrators are supported, each managing their own secure data environment, with complete control over who can access each individual dataset or document. Documents can be assigned to multiple data categories by just dragging them between folders such that they are always presented to the user where they are of most relevance. The addition of metadata, that in itself can link to additional data resources, allows for the inclusion of keywords and references that enable direct access to information through Present’s built-in search functions.

“Triad’s powerful and easy-to-use hosted software is enabling us to provide Plymouth’s residents and stakeholders with an engaging and effective means of sharing information”, said Andrew Loton, Performance & Research Officer, Plymouth City Council. “Its support for different user roles has meant that we can provide shared and ring-fenced information repositories to other organisations in the City, which to-date include: NHS Plymouth, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Community and Social Action Plymouth (CASAP) .”

Triad’s Zubed Present platform is available as an off-the-shelf information system, configured for different base map options and branded for the customer. It is also used as the engine behind many bespoke solutions delivered by Triad Consulting & Solutions. Triad can add data mapping functionality to business intelligence, corporate dashboard, human resource, information distribution, storage, and work flow solutions, through standalone applications and by building Web-Part extensions to Microsoft SharePoint.

About Triad Consulting & Solutions

Triad Consulting & Solutions (Triad) is part of Triad Group Plc, a UK company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Triad’s principal business activities include bespoke application development, web design and development, COTS product selection and implementation, systems integration, support and maintenance, systems architecture and business analysis. The company has a specialist mapping and location-intelligence practice, Zubed Geospatial, delivering online mapping applications to the public and private sector through their Present and Engage platforms as well as through bespoke developments.

Triad is a specialist in the delivery of solutions using Microsoft technologies particularly SharePoint, SQL Server and .Net. Based on client references from successful projects and the professional qualifications of our staff we are a Gold Competency Microsoft Partner.

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