press release: New Initiative Brings the Church Porch into the 21st Century

“Putting faith on the map” Fringe event, wednesday 24 november, 1pm, Abbey Room (church house)

At this November’s General Synod, Tony Baldry MP, Second Church Estates Commissioner, will launch an exciting new initiative to put every church notice board online. All faith groups will be able to post upcoming activities directly onto an interactive map of their parish. Members of the community can also play their part, posting comments and suggestions through the same map.

Tony Baldry has for a long time been interested as to how the Church can ensure that local people are better informed of the many faith based local activities.

“The nature of the busy lives that we all lead means that the Church now has to reach out to their parishioners in new and innovative ways,” said Tony. “The way we engage with the parish and local communities has changed little since Tudor times - it is no longer good enough to rely on a notice in the church porch to let people know what’s going on.

“I am very grateful to the Bishop of London and the team in the London Diocesan Office and others in Church House who have been fantastically supportive in ensuring that this work complements work already going on in the church.”

Working with UK-based web-mapping specialists, Zubed Geospatial, Tony has turned his idea into reality in a matter of weeks, a reality that he will be demonstrating during Synod. Designed to be incredibly easy to use, it takes just a simple mouse-click on the map to post a notice, make a suggestion, report on the success of an activity, or comment on parish events, even adding photographs making it still more engaging.

From the outset, this initiative demonstrates the inclusive nature of our church, engaging with the public not just about what's going on in their parish, but in neighbouring parishes, not just about what the Anglican church is doing, but all faith-base activities. Contrary to Tony's recent experiences, this 21st century solution will reveal the true role that our churches are playing in the community.

Tony will be launching this exciting new initiative at 1:00pm in the Abbey Room in Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1 on the Wednesday 24th November in the ‘Putting Faith on the Map’ fringe meeting during General Synd and will shortly be piloting the new website in the Greater London area. Once piloted in London, it will then be rolled out over the whole country.

Please contact Rosemary Hadow at or 020 7219 6465 for more information.

Author: Tony Baldry MP - House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

System realised using Zubed's Engage Platform

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